Types of Online Casino Bonuses

If you are new to the ever-evolving world of online casinos and you feel that you are not quite ready for the real thing, you can always try out online casino bonuses for a free gambling experience.

Of these the No Deposit Casino bonus is easy-to-understand. You can sample the gaming software with a lump sum of money provided by the site. Sites may have different wagering requirements, meaning that the player has to wager a certain amount of money before they can make a withdrawal.

One hour free play promotions are offered to new players for the first hour. Reload bonuses are given to customers for a subsequent deposit. Some sites award bonuses to players who recommend their site to a friend. Monthly bonuses are given on a monthly basis, while some bonuses are given on a certain amount of cash deposited initially or at a later stage.

Through the cash-back bonuses a percentage of the money lost in a certain period of time is refunded to the player. As players wager in cash games some sites award loyalty points that can be redeemed for free cash later on.

Online casino bonuses like poker bonuses are awarded in online poker games whereas special deposit method bonuses try to coax customers into opting for a certain deposit method.

Starting Casino Bonuses for New Players

When you first sign up at a casino of course you will get some sort of deal, whether it be the no deposit bonus or another type. There is basically three different types of bonuses you can get.
No deposit bonus offers include free play, free casino credits and spins on machines. Deposit bonus is normally a matching amount to your purchase, so if you deposited 100 you may get matched a 100 giving you 200 to play with. Sometimes they have multiple bonuses where on your next so many purchases they will give you extra money. A 10% on payment method is another type where if you use certain ways of purchasing they will give you a small percentage to make up for the fee’s it cost you. In past they did this quite a bit but now it is fading as they give a lot of other bonuses throughout the month.

The best bonuses are given to long term players and they may find offers many times of month as they log in. Some do happy hour promotions, others give at the start of the month and you just never know when they will pop up. You might even miss them if you do not log in very often. If you want to play and waiting for that extra money, try to log in every day until you see one then opt in for it. It will tell you how long the offer is good for whether it be just a one time deal or a offer that expires in a few days. Even if you do not want to play that day you can always deposit and claim the money and just go back later. Usually they will not remove the extra bonus money for 30 days, but it should say on the information button with rules about that particular offer.